Regular maintenance of your security equipment not only ensures that your system is fully operational but also extends its lifespan, so that you can have peace of mind for years to come.

Our maintenance and repair services are designed to keep your equipment in top condition, minimising the risk of malfunctions and ensuring your system operates effectively for as long as possible.

Tailored Maintenance Packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages to suit your specific security requirements. Whether you have a residential alarm or a complex commercial access control system, we have the right solution to keep it in top form.

Quick Repairs

Even the best-maintained systems can encounter occasional issues. When they do, you can rely on Titan Security for prompt and effective repairs. Our skilled technicians are equipped to address and resolve your issues swiftly, ensuring minimal downtime for your security system.

“Thank you so much James for going above and beyond the required service to fix multiple issues from the original installer (another company), won’t hesitate to recommend to others 🙂”

Roger Marriner


CCTV Installations

If you’re looking to protect your property, deter crime, and keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings, CCTV is a great option for you.

Fire Alarm Installation

Choosing Titan Security Installation for your fire alarm installation in Sheffield means investing in the safety and security of your property, with the confidence that you have a trusted partner dedicated to protecting what matters most to you.

Wired and Wireless Alarm Installations

Intruder alarms are often considered the first line of defence when it comes to security. Today, alarm systems have evolved, so you can have remote access, ensuring your home or workplace is safe and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Access Control

Access control is a vital yet often overlooked security measure that plays a critical role in keeping your building or home safe. It enables you to control and monitor access, allowing entry to staff and visitors only when you desire.


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